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Who we are

Our Philosophy

 We believe that everyone has the right to education, whether it’s within the conventional education system, home-schooling, further education and the many more ways we can learn. Times are changing and so is the way we are learning, therefore the way we teach has to show flexibility to this. We can offer you local face to face sessions and online worldwide.

We are all individual, we all learn, grow and understand in different ways. We promote this individuality, we empower this. With these values we can work together to achieve our goals.

About me

I am is a foreign language teacher, a psychology graduate and NHS health and wellbeing coach.  I have a number of years teaching experience both in the private and public sectors, with children and adults from all diversities and of mixed abilities. 

Our History

My name is Annemarie, HERTS Tuition is something I started up to help children and adults who may need a bit of extra support with their learning, as I did, or who are just interested in learning something new. Education is invaluable, however so are we as individuals. I encourage my students to embrace their individuality and work towards their strengths.

After completing my BSc as a mature student, I started working within the educational industry. Over the last 5 years I have worked in a secondary school with SEN students, then I moved onto the NHS Diabetes Prevention. Empowering people to make changes to their lifestyle to improve their health and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Alongside this I have privately tutored a number of psychology and maths students.

I also hold a TEFL certificate, allowing me to teach children and adults English as foreign language. 

Now I am branching out, working alongside my cousin Aron, using our passion and excitement for teaching and empowering others and offering tuition for students that need support in their studies or want to try something different.

At HERTS Tuition we care about education, but we care more about you and your individuality.

How YOU learn, how YOU remember and how YOU understand.

HERTS Tuition, is about improving you, empowering you and helping you grow.


Annemarie is a fantastic tutor who has helped tremendously in my daughter’s Psychology A-Level. She works through the different parts of the subject methodically with Teddy, and ensures that the information is retained by frequently testing Teddy’s memory and giving her the room for her passion for Psychology to grow. I often find Teddy enthusiastically telling me about everything that she’s learned with Anne-Marie, and I couldn’t be happier with her progress.                   


Annemarie is a fantastic Psychology A level tutor . She has supported my son over 2 years on a weekly basis . She made the subject very enjoyable and encouraged him to believe in his abilities . Thanks to her he has achieved a grade A and has been confirmed a place at his first choice university this September 2019 . Thank you so much Annemarie for all your help and support , it was a pleasure to meet you .


HERTS Tuition, Hertfordshire.

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