I plan to update this page weekly, to share resources, ideas and have a bit of a rant about the struggles of teaching the kids from home while we are dealing with the current pandemic.

Please feel free to share your idea and resources too, the more the merrier.

I can only list a few resources, if you'd like more send me a message on my Facebook page, Herts Tuition.

They're back!

The older two have gone back to school, for 2 days a week. They love it (so do I) although we are still doing some home learning, it’s a lot more relaxed. So what has the Lockdown of 2020 taught me. 

Teacher’s are AMAZING!

My kids are unbelievably resourceful and resilient. That learning is important, of course, but so is knowing when to take some time for you, have time for yourself, children included.

SLOW DOWN - so I thought my anxiety would have gone through the roof, 3 kids at home, me trying to work and teach them, the fights, however the sense of only have to worry about them, there was no expectation from the outside world, everyone took the time to check on eachother, were kind to each other. This just reinforced what me and my husband try to achieve with our kids -  we need to slow down, to enjoy! And that's what we plan to do.

Yes, it's been very stressful, the older two have pretty much fought throughout this, however they have laughed and played and made memories. They even opened their own gardening business, T&D’s gardens. Eden, well she is a crazy baby who had a fantastic time with her brother and sister, she is most definitely their little princess. She’s going to be trouble when she’s older, I’ve no doubt. 

So for now that's the end of the homeschool blog, to keep up to date with my kids, me and my sessions take a look at my personal blog, Annemarie’s Blog.

The Struggle is Real!

Saturday 13th June

I am currently sitting in my front room, typing this Blog, while I listen to my 6 year moan and whinge and complain about how terrible life is, what horrid parents we are. I’m seriously thinking about shipping the older two back off to school. My sweet lovely little boy has turned into an ungrateful and rude boy. Why?! He was such a sweet thing, loved his mummy cuddles, what's happened? Is anyone else struggling this week?

They’ve played in the garden, ran through farmers fields (naughty, I know), we did school work, practiced reading, dressed up, played cowboys, tickle monsters and even drove to the harbour to look at some boats and have an ice cream. It’s exhausting, I take my hat off to all teachers and home-ed parents/grandparents/carers. How do you do it? 

Any way let's look at some positives, Eden absolutely loves having the older two here to play with. Tegan is thriving, she is always learning, researching and her Spanish is improving every week. And Dillan, he is being a pain, but his reading has improved no end, I am so impressed with his reading abilities, he is currently reading a chapter book, he is so proud of himself for getting to chapter 10, only 19 to go. 

Lets see what the new week brings...


Home School Reward Cards

If your children aren’t going back until September and you’re giving home-school a go, try a reward card. Every time they complete some work or show you how brilliant they’ve been during your school hours. Stamp, colour, and draw on their reward card. 10 marks on their card means they get a reward, Xbox time, tablet time, baking, whatever they love to do.

Top Tips –

Be consistent.

Keep it light.

Don’t take points away.

Keep the reward card and chores and jobs around the house separate.



Mum's diary - I was a bit nervous about how well the kids would get on, all they do is fight at the weekend, however they were really well behaved (most of the time). They seemed to respond well to the structure, 45 minute sessions for maths, english and science, 1 to 1.5 hours for topic or outdoor activities. However when they were really enjoying themselves I would be flexible. I created  folders and reward cards for them, making sure they get at least one star a day (like a merit card).

By Friday I had had enough and Friday night I was asleep by 7:30pm, but I did enjoy it and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.I've learned to be more relaxed, the better frame of mind I'm in the better they are.

The kids diary - "Home schooling was really good fun! We baked are own cakes by ourselves which helped to develop our our independence. We planted our own carrots in transparent glasses so that we can record how they grow. Everything we have learnt so far has been useful but it has come across in a fun way and I am excited about learning more next week."  - Tegan, age 11

"School is fun, can I come back tomorrow? I really want to learn about wild animals." - Alfie, age 7

"I really liked learning how to write my numbers the right way round. I had fun doing building, and help making the mud kitchen. I'm excited about home school next. I want to learn more abour how plants grow." - Dillan, age 6

Eden, age 1, definitely enjoyed having her brother, sister and cousin around her for the week.

Mums diary -This week our main topic was space, chosen by Dillan. We spent an hour every day on this topic and the boys really enjoyed it. Unfortunately due to the lock-down rules Alfie could no longer come to school in person, so we Skype'd him instead. 

The tricky bit this week was covering the topics and content to match their ages, as Tegan is 11. Tegan spent some time independently studying Spanish and her school topic, The Mayan's. We also covered PE with Joe, Maths and English, as well as listening to David Walliams read his 'Terrible Children' books and much more. We have also set up an online book club between Tegan, and her friend. 

Next week our topic is wild animals. 

Still trying to find the balance between home schooling the kids and my online students, but its going so much better than I thought it would, and most of the time I enjoy the kids being at home.

The kids diary - "This week was really fun, and I liked what we were learning about. I enjoyed the variety of subjects we covered, I cant wait to learn more Spanish words and talk to my friend about the book Little Stars."   -Tegan, age 11.

I liked learning about all the different planets, we made a space mobile. I really liked learning that the sun is made up of two types of gases, hydrogen and helium. I cant wait to learn about what animals do and what type of animals there are. -Dillan, age 6

Eden really liked baking with us, she definitely enjoyed eating the jam when we baked jam tarts. 1 year old.

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