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Dave Lock (B.Sc Hons), Bedfordshire Upper School Ex-Head of   Science and Head of Chemistry with over 35 years teaching   experience in schools in UK and Australia. He has also accrued   1000's of hours of one-to one tuition experience over the last 5   years. Tutoring on all UK A-level and GCSE examination   boards. He has regularly successfully tutored Medical, Veterinary  and Oxbridge applicants.



Hannah completed her undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews and did her research project on the neuromuscular disorder Parkinson’s disease, where she was awarded First-Class marks. She then qualified as a Bowen Therapy practitioner before completing her international teaching degree at the University of Sheffield.

Alongside this, Hannah also taught in the French private sector at the prestigious Epitech and currently works as a university application adviser for Connexcel Ltd. In addition, Hannah has built up strong relationships with a variety of schools within the UK and she specialises in tuition for students with dyslexia or slow-reading speeds, and is currently studying a Level 5 CPD award in Dyslexia Learning Support.

Hannah looks forward to hearing from you.

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