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At HERTS Tuition we care about education, but we care more about you and your individuality.
How YOU learn, how YOU remember and how YOU understand. HERTS Tuition, is about improving you, empowering you and helping you grow.

Home Educated, Flexi Schooled
& After School Sessions

We wholeheartedly support you and your child in any educational setting you prefer, offering fun and flexible sessions, whether these be for home educated children, flexi schooled children or schooled children. All our sessions are interest led and designed to be interactive and empower the students. Tutors use Dweck’s Mindset Theory as our ethos and encourage children to practice a growth mindset, praising effort and self motivation. 

We offer small group sessions, for children from 5 years and up, steering away from the conventional classification of year group placement we will match your child’s abilities to the most suitable group. 

We also offer 1:1 sessions for children over 12 years old, supporting GCSE, A Level and adult learning.

If not any point we can not help you we are happy to refer you onto another tutor.

HERTS Tuition follows Hertfordshire’s term dates.  HERTS Tuition follow these dates and sessions will not take place, unless informed otherwise via email. 

To see the half term dates please click the link below.

If you are unsure please contact us via email.

The HUB, Stevenage Indoor Market

12 years +

Specialist Subjects for key stage 4+

What is Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset by Alevel student Deborah

Hi! I’m Deborah Avram, the writer of ‘The Growth Mindset + More’. I’ve written this booklet in hopes of reaching parents who are eager to learn more about the effects of their parenting, and how psychological research provides support for certain theories and explanations. I’ve chosen to aid HERTS Tuition in the making of this programme due to my passion and drive to provide children with a safer, more stable environment, and to help prevent mental health problems. There is ample research to suggest that parenting can have a drastic effect on the the development as well as the prevention of mental health problems. It is therefore vital that we educate parents in order to help them be the best they can be for their children, especially now, when depression and anxiety rates are skyrocketing. I hope the work I do helps people apply this information to their own lives, and that slowly there is more awareness surrounding this topic. 

“Carol Dweck suggested that people have one of two mindsets: a fixed mindset, which is when people think their intelligence is innate (they are born with it) and cannot be changed, or a growth mindset, which is when people believe that they can develop their intelligence over time.

A growth mindset is important in being successful, as it allows people to see failures as room for growth, rather than as a negative thing.

For children, a growth mindset is important as it can help them achieve better in school, avoid bullying and build resilience towards life in general.”

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Why choose HERTS Tuition

Private Psychology Tutoring near me

We believe that everyone has the right to education, whether it’s within the conventional education system, home-schooling, further education and the many more ways we can learn. Times are changing and so is the way we are learning, therefore the way we teach has to show flexibility to this. We can offer you local face to face sessions and online worldwide.

We are all individual, we all learn, grow and understand in different ways. We promote this individuality, we empower this. With these values we can work together to achieve our goals.

What our clients say

Maths with Annemarie

My son who is 6 has been completely refusing to do any home learning during the lockdown and gets extremely distressed when any work is attempted with him , I contacted Annemaire in hope she could help, E now actually looks forward to his zoom meetings with Annemaire, he’s had so much fun I don’t think he realises he was actually doing learning, he loses concentration very quickly and Annemaire is always ready with new activities and ways to keep him interested , it’s lovely to see him learning, interacting and having fun while doing it, I can’t thank Annemaire enough definitely recommend to anyone who needs that extra bit of help best decision I made.

Gemma, July 2020

Maths review Annemarie

My daughter struggles with school work and finds maths particularly difficult. She had a very negative attitude towards maths and had stopped trying altogether with her times tables. Annemarie has not only helped my daughter conquer her times tables but she has helped change her attitude towards maths too. She looks forward to her sessions now and wants to try. She has told me that she feels Annemarie is the first teacher to actually listen to her and to help her understand the “whys” and “hows.” I highly recommend Annemarie as a tutor, my only regret is that we hadn’t started with her sooner! Thank you

Chloe, May 2020

Maths review Laraine

I appreciate everything you helped me wit, the extra times you gave me in the classroom and the extra help for maths. 

Maths gave me so much anxiety I chose to forget and ignore everythingthat had to do with it. I can’t believe I got a B in Maths, I was expecting a D.

Thank you so much.

Maths review Laraine

I am so relieved I got a 9 for maths and an A* for further Maths, all thanks to you.

Thank you so much.