About Herts Tuition

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone has the right to education, whether it’s within the conventional education system, home-schooling, further education and the many more ways we can learn. Times are changing and so is the way we are learning, therefore the way we teach has to show flexibility to this. We can offer you local face to face sessions and online worldwide.

We are all individual, we all learn, grow and understand in different ways. We promote this individuality, we empower this. With these values we can work together to achieve our goals.

We work with you to embrace your individual approaches to learning and achieve you goals. HERTS Tuition offer affordable, experienced and competent tutors

We offer support, techniques, resources and encouragement to work together. To bring passion and enjoyment back into learning.

Annemare Private Tutor Hertfordshire

About Herts Tuition

My name is Annemarie, HERTS Tuition is something I started up to help children and adults who may need a bit of extra support with their learning, as I did, or who are just interested in learning something new. Education is invaluable, however so are we as individuals. I encourage my students to embrace their individuality and work towards their strengths.

After completing my BSc as a mature student, I started working within the educational industry. Over the last 5 years I have worked in a secondary school with SEN students, then I moved onto the NHS Diabetes Prevention. Empowering people to make changes to their lifestyle to improve their health and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Alongside this I have privately tutored a number of psychology and maths students.

I also hold a TEFL certificate, allowing me to teach children and adults English as foreign language and a diploma in Home Education.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with children and adults and am currently working alongside one of my Alevel psychology students creating a 7 week course in growth mindset and a number of resources aimed both at children and parents/carers. We are very excited about this and really hope to make a significant difference to education.

Face to face sessions at The HUB

In April 2022 I opened The HUB in Stevenage Indoor Market. This allows us to teach students face to face, in a safe environment with lots of physical resources. We work with students from 7 years old upwards, supporting both home educated children and schooled children. We have both small group sessions and one to one support.

At HERTS Tuition we care about education, but we care more about you and your individuality.

How YOU learn, how YOU remember and how YOU understand.

HERTS Tuition, is about improving you, empowering you and helping you grow.

What our Clients say

Maths with Annemarie

My son who is 6 has been completely refusing to do any home learning during the lockdown and gets extremely distressed when any work is attempted with him , I contacted Annemaire in hope she could help, E now actually looks forward to his zoom meetings with Annemaire, he’s had so much fun I don’t think he realises he was actually doing learning, he loses concentration very quickly and Annemaire is always ready with new activities and ways to keep him interested , it’s lovely to see him learning, interacting and having fun while doing it, I can’t thank Annemaire enough definitely recommend to anyone who needs that extra bit of help best decision I made.

Gemma, July 2020

Key Stage 2 with Annemarie

It’s so nice listening to my 8 year learning with Annemarie as it sounds like lots of fun! I wish all teachers were that fun and engaging!
Annemarie is great, very patient and encouraging – which is definitely what we need. J really looks forward and enjoys her time with Annemarie and I’d just like to say a big thank you from both of us.

Jenny, July 2020

Maths review Annemarie

My daughter struggles with school work and finds maths particularly difficult. She had a very negative attitude towards maths and had stopped trying altogether with her times tables. Annemarie has not only helped my daughter conquer her times tables but she has helped change her attitude towards maths too. She looks forward to her sessions now and wants to try. She has told me that she feels Annemarie is the first teacher to actually listen to her and to help her understand the “whys” and “hows.” I highly recommend Annemarie as a tutor, my only regret is that we hadn’t started with her sooner! Thank you

Chloe, May 2020

Psychology review Annemarie

Annemarie is a fantastic Psychology A level tutor . She has supported my son over 2 years on a weekly basis . She made the subject very enjoyable and encouraged him to believe in his abilities . Thanks to her he has achieved a grade A and has been confirmed a place at his first choice university this September 2019 . Thank you so much Annemarie for all your help and support , it was a pleasure to meet you.

Mel, June 2019

Key Stage 1 review Annemarie

I’ve been struggling to get 7 year old Alfie to take any interest in school work since the lock down I was feeling guilty that he was missing out on his lessons till I found AnneMarie
Alfie has really engaged with her he’s enjoying his sessions with her she’s a brilliant tutor gets him interested & holds his attention
Thank you

Jean,May 2020

Key Stage 2 review Annemarie

Annmarie is an amazing tutor. She has patience and humour and could really relate to my son and helped him navigate the subject which upto now he has found difficult Thank you so much for helping him! I’m only sad he didn’t get the chance to do his exam in the end!

Emma, March 2020

Psychology review Annemarie

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year! I couldn’t have been so calm and collected about my psychology exam if it wasn’t for our sessions. Most of all, thank you for teaching me not to give up and not to let my dyslexia define me.

A, June 2018

General review Annemarie

During the initial meeting Ann-Marie built lots of rapport and put our niece at ease with a subject she felt very unconfident in. At the end of the first meeting she was talking confidently about the work they had covered and was smiling. In the subsequent meetings this confidence grew to the point where she was looking forward to their sessions and if rescheduling was required a proactive approach was taken. We were updated regularly and Ann-Marie was a pleasure to work with, we had confidence that our niece was going to achieve the grade targeted in a subject she had struggled with for the previous year. Ann-Marie has a knack for delivering engaging sessions in a fun way, that were designed to build confidence and knowledge on content that previously was found impossible. We can’t recommend her enough and if you are thinking of employing a tutor she comes highly recommended if you are looking to achieve success.

Andy, April 2020

Psychology review Annemarie

Annemarie is a fantastic tutor who has helped tremendously in my daughter’s Psychology A-Level. She works through the different parts of the subject methodically with Teddy, and ensures that the information is retained by frequently testing Teddy’s memory and giving her the room for her passion for Psychology to grow. I often find Teddy enthusiastically telling me about everything that she’s learned with Anne-Marie, and I couldn’t be happier with her progress.

Tom, December 2019

Psychology review Annemarie

Annemarie is an absolutely fantastic teacher, and I enjoy all of my lessons with her. She’s explained all the concepts and practices expertly and has really helped me gain a good grasp of the subject. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn or develop their understanding of psychology!

T, December 2019

Psychology review Annemarie

Annemarie is a wonderful tutor; she helped my daughter with her gcse and now with A level at psychology. She is very friendly, knowledgeable, punctual and patient. My daughter enjoys her lessons with Annemarie, she excelled in the subject and looks forward to learn more. I absolutely recommend Annemarie; it is worth having her as a tutor. She is great! You will not waste your money.

Estera, March 2020

General review Annemarie

My daughter has developed a really good rapport with Annemarie and thoroughly enjoys her additional tutoring. She has gained confidence and understanding of the subject which I feel will be invaluable when she takes her exams.

Sandy, May 2017

Psychology review Annemarie

Annemarie assisted me with my A Level Psychology she really helped me understand certain parts of the syllabus that I couldn`t understand by myself. Really friendly and lovely person alongside being a good tutor. Thank you.

Sophie, May 2017

Spanish review Veronica

Hello I am Tegan and I recommend Veronica as a Spanish tutor to anybody that wants one. During my first session she asked some questions about how I like to learn, and she said that she would teach me in a way that I enjoyed, she has been as good as her word. I love every lesson with her.

Tegan age 11

Spanish review Veronica

Veronica is a fantastic tutor, my daughter loves her Spanish lessions. She thoroughly enjoys learning  is so excited to show me what she’s learning.Veronica encourages my daughter to work to her strengths, she keeps the sessions fun and engaging using books, movies and songs. I love hearing my daughter having conversations in Spanishand hearing them laughing melts my heart.

I absolutely recommend Veronica to anyone looking to learn Spanish.

A, May 2020

Learning SPSS in Marketing – review Ayeshah

We went through SPSS and she taught me the functions I needed to learn for my marketing analysis class. Very Helpful and patient!

She explained things very thoroughly and went over each problem and concern.


Great Teacher review Ayeshah

She did a great job on answering my questions with clarity, she is also flexible with sessions.


English review Lindsey

Lindsey is a responsible teacher and extremely hard working. Her duty is to teach children oral English and grammar. 

Feb 2020, DADA Education LTD

General review Lindsey

Lindsey was really helpful by showing me how to improve and overcome my shortcomings. Ever greatful to her contribution.


Biology review Hannah

I can thoroughly recommend Hannah as a tutor for both Biology and Geography. My daughter has dyslexia and Hannah has supported and encouraged her throughout her A levels . She is very organised and its great to have some feedback on each lesson. I was very confident in her ability to cover the syllabus and she was a great help with the NEA. Phoebe improved greatly in writing essays in the correct time which was where her problem lay.

Hannah was also available out of lesson time to help with queries or to proof read essays. She never charged me for this time.

I would definitely give her 5 stars.

Geography review Hannah

Over the last few years Hannah has helped Molly with A’level Geography and is now working with Amy studying A’level Biology. Hannah has been a fantastic support to both girls and their confidence in their subjects has grown enormously. Her lessons are interesting and always positive and I would highly recommend her. The girls have found her notes invaluable and I have always found the feedback informative and thorough. Thank you Hannah!

BMAT review Hannah

The thing I liked most about Hannah is her calm and kind nature, creating a comfortable working environment. She is very good at explaining and has great tips for the exams. Even though I barely studied for the BMAT, my 2 sessions with her really boosted me and gave me a good understanding of the exam. Really recommend!

Biology review Hannah

Hannah helped my daughters with Biology IB preparation and also supported them writing their personal statements for med and vet school. Her coaching for the UKCAT ensured my daughter was able to score sufficiently highly to apply for medicine and subsequently to be offered places.

General review Hannah

Hannah is extremely calm, thorough and knows how to bring the best out in her students. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you!

Maths review Laraine

I appreciate everything you helped me wit, the extra times you gave me in the classroom and the extra help for maths. 

Maths gave me so much anxiety I chose to forget and ignore everythingthat had to do with it. I can’t believe I got a B in Maths, I was expecting a D.

Thank you so much.

Maths review Laraine

I am so relieved I got a 9 for maths and an A* for further Maths, all thanks to you.

Thank you so much.

After school adventures

My son has been working with Alice for a few months. Today we were working on his year 2 SATs textbook. He was amazing! His mental maths skills have improved dramatically, he is confident and takes such pride in his work. I highly recommend Alice and her after school adventures.