After School Adventures
with Alice

Working with children from year 1 to year 7, covering Maths and English in small groups, via Zoom. £6.50 for an hour.
After School Adventures with Alice Group Club

Online small group sessions

We believe that everyone has the right to education, whether it’s within the conventional education system, learning from home, further education and the many more ways we can learn. Times are changing and so is the way we are learning, therefore the way we teach has to show flexibility to this. 

We are all individual, we all learn, grow and understand in different ways. We promote this individuality, we empower this. With these values we can work together to achieve our goals.

Meet your Tutor

Alice really enjoys working with children, and loves helping people succeed. She tries and make all my sessions fun and engaging, because she believe that this will help reinforce the learning, and allow the children to process and retain information better.

Alice has experience in volunteering with young children at her local beavers group, where she have been able to build rapport with the children. This enabled her to gain their confidence and trust, making it easier to relay information.

Alice Private Tutor Hertfordshire

What our Clients say

After school adventures

My son has been working with Alice for a few months. Today we were working on his year 2 SATs textbook. He was amazing! His mental maths skills have improved dramatically, he is confident and takes such pride in his work. I highly recommend Alice and her after school adventures.