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After school adventures

My son has been working with Alice for a few months. Today we were working on his year 2 SATs textbook. He was amazing! His mental maths skills have improved dramatically, he is confident and takes such pride in his work. I highly recommend Alice and her after school adventures.

Maths review Laraine

I am so relieved I got a 9 for maths and an A* for further Maths, all thanks to you.

Thank you so much.

Maths review Laraine

I appreciate everything you helped me wit, the extra times you gave me in the classroom and the extra help for maths. 

Maths gave me so much anxiety I chose to forget and ignore everythingthat had to do with it. I can’t believe I got a B in Maths, I was expecting a D.

Thank you so much.

General review Hannah

Hannah is extremely calm, thorough and knows how to bring the best out in her students. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you!

Biology review Hannah

Hannah helped my daughters with Biology IB preparation and also supported them writing their personal statements for med and vet school. Her coaching for the UKCAT ensured my daughter was able to score sufficiently highly to apply for medicine and subsequently to be offered places.

BMAT review Hannah

The thing I liked most about Hannah is her calm and kind nature, creating a comfortable working environment. She is very good at explaining and has great tips for the exams. Even though I barely studied for the BMAT, my 2 sessions with her really boosted me and gave me a good understanding of the exam. Really recommend!

Geography review Hannah

Over the last few years Hannah has helped Molly with A’level Geography and is now working with Amy studying A’level Biology. Hannah has been a fantastic support to both girls and their confidence in their subjects has grown enormously. Her lessons are interesting and always positive and I would highly recommend her. The girls have found her notes invaluable and I have always found the feedback informative and thorough. Thank you Hannah!

Biology review Hannah

I can thoroughly recommend Hannah as a tutor for both Biology and Geography. My daughter has dyslexia and Hannah has supported and encouraged her throughout her A levels . She is very organised and its great to have some feedback on each lesson. I was very confident in her ability to cover the syllabus and she was a great help with the NEA. Phoebe improved greatly in writing essays in the correct time which was where her problem lay.

Hannah was also available out of lesson time to help with queries or to proof read essays. She never charged me for this time.

I would definitely give her 5 stars.