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General review Lindsey

Lindsey was really helpful by showing me how to improve and overcome my shortcomings. Ever greatful to her contribution.


English review Lindsey

Lindsey is a responsible teacher and extremely hard working. Her duty is to teach children oral English and grammar. 

Feb 2020, DADA Education LTD

Great Teacher review Ayeshah

She did a great job on answering my questions with clarity, she is also flexible with sessions.


Learning SPSS in Marketing – review Ayeshah

We went through SPSS and she taught me the functions I needed to learn for my marketing analysis class. Very Helpful and patient!

She explained things very thoroughly and went over each problem and concern.


Spanish review Veronica

Veronica is a fantastic tutor, my daughter loves her Spanish lessions. She thoroughly enjoys learning  is so excited to show me what she’s learning.Veronica encourages my daughter to work to her strengths, she keeps the sessions fun and engaging using books, movies and songs. I love hearing my daughter having conversations in Spanishand hearing them laughing melts my heart.

I absolutely recommend Veronica to anyone looking to learn Spanish.

A, May 2020

Spanish review Veronica

Hello I am Tegan and I recommend Veronica as a Spanish tutor to anybody that wants one. During my first session she asked some questions about how I like to learn, and she said that she would teach me in a way that I enjoyed, she has been as good as her word. I love every lesson with her.

Tegan age 11

Psychology review Annemarie

Annemarie assisted me with my A Level Psychology she really helped me understand certain parts of the syllabus that I couldn`t understand by myself. Really friendly and lovely person alongside being a good tutor. Thank you.

Sophie, May 2017

General review Annemarie

My daughter has developed a really good rapport with Annemarie and thoroughly enjoys her additional tutoring. She has gained confidence and understanding of the subject which I feel will be invaluable when she takes her exams.

Sandy, May 2017